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Snowsports Badge

Cub and Scout Snowsport Stage 1 Activity Badge

Buy this voucher and your Cub or Scout can use it anytime in the next 18 months to book onto a Try Skiing or Try Snowboarding session and earn their Snowsports Level 1 Badge independantly.

If you want to bring a group or the whole Pack or Troop please call 01934 834877 for our discounted Scout Group rates.

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      Try Skiing or Snowboarding

      Complete this session and get the new Scout Snowsport Stage 1 Badge
      For 8 years to adult. Snowboarders must be over 120cm tall with adult UK size 2 feet or bigger

      Personalise your voucher (receive a printable gift voucher)

      Mendip Activity Centre
      Lyncombe Drive
      North Somerset
      BS25 5PQ

      01934 834 877

      Includes hire of all necessary equipment. No hidden extras

      You will recieve a link to your full colour, personalised Gift Voucher that you can print off immediately.

      voucher image

      This voucher is for a fun introduction to skiing or snowboarding and covers everything you need to do to earn your Cub and Scout Snowsports Stage 1 badge .

      You will be in the safe hands of our experienced and qualified instructors on our gently sloping beginner area and get a card, signed by your instructor confirming you have completed the following - which you can take to your Cub or Scout Leader and exchange for your Snowsport Stage 1 badge.

      - Identify different types of snowsports.

      - Name three places you could safely take part in snowsport activities.

      - Take part in a warm up activity to prepare you for a snowsport activity such as skiing or snowboarding. This should be an appropriate warm up for your upper, middle and lower body.

      - Dress properly for your chosen activity. Show you know the importance of helmets and how to put one on correctly.

      - Take part in a taster session that covers:

      - naming equipment used
      - how to get in and out of your skis or snowboard
      - balancing on your skis or snowboard
      - moving around on your skis or snowboard;
      - moving in a straight line, controlling your speed & stopping.

      The hour and half session includes your kit up time - your instructor will explain all the equipment, ensure it all fits correctly and go through a safety briefing.