Mission Impossible

Nothing is impossible if you work together, communicate, plan, adapt, think and overcome. Ten impossible missions await!

Mission Impossible starts with a communal briefing before teams set off around our woodland estate with a dedicated instructor to the ten mission sites.

Every mission has been designed to put your teams communication, ingenuity, delegation, team work and decisiveness to the test - they are also so much fun you'll be talking about them for months!

The first team to complete the missions, crack the final code and unlock the prize box will win the trophy and earn the right to stand on the winners podium and pop open a bottle of bubbly! Remember though - working smart beats working fast!!!


✔ Perfect corporate team building activity
✔ Ideal 'bonding' activity for Stag and Hen groups
✔ Great for school or youth groups
✔ Perfect for large family gatherings and reunions


✔ Team briefing
✔ Instructor with every team
✔ All equipment provided
✔ Ten engaging, outdoor missions (see list below)
✔ Guide, map and branded take-home souvenir pack
✔ Prize ceremony
✔ Bottle of bubbly and trophy for winning team
✔ Runner up prizes


✔ Easy, free parking
✔ Onsite rooftop cafe-bar
✔ All equipment provided
✔ Toilets, showers and lockers


✔ Make a day of it - add any of our other activities
✔ Minibus transport available
✔ Meeting room available
✔ Buffet, hog roasts or BBQ lunches
✔ Stay overnight in our tented village
✔ Exclusive use of our rooftop cafe-bar available
✔ We can even bring a mobile Mission Impossible to you!

Mission Impossible
Click here to view our Mission Map

INTRODUCTORY DEALMinimum of 5 people

Stag and Hen half day package £49 £35pp
- Team briefing
- Instructor with each team
- Mission Impossible
- Souvenir guide
- Prize ceremony
- Bottle of bubbly
- Trophy

Corporate day package £65 £49pp plus VAT
- Tea or coffee on arrival
- Mission Impossible package
- Team briefing
- Instructorwith each team
- Souvenir guide
- Prize ceremony
- Bottle of bubbly
- Trophy
- Runner up prizes
- Basecamp function room hire
- Frisbee Golf Tournament

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What do we wear? Dress for the weather so you can keep dry and warm. Layers are perfect and wear outer gear you don't mind getting a bit muddy. Walking boots or rugged trainers are perfect (or wellies if it's muddy). A change of clothes is always a good idea especially if it is wet!

How fit do we need to be? If you are mobile and can manage a stroll through the woods you'll be fine! It's not just about power and strength. It's as much about smart thinking and delegation!

How long does it take? It usually lasts two and half hours - but we have longer packages available if you want to make a day of it!

What happens if it rains? Rain makes everything more fun! We go ahead in all weather.

I don't like heights or small spaces! This activity is perfect for you. It's about team work and delegation. It's about smart use of resources. It's about contributing and using your strengths. It's not about testing your weaknesses or overcoming phobias (although it can be if you want)


Mission Impossible
Mendip Activity Centre
Lyncombe Drive
BS25 5PQ

Call 01934 834 877


    Crate Stack

    Who has a head for heights, unshakeable balance and no fear? The challenge is simple: stack crates to 13 high with a team member on top. The solution requires team work, bravery, balance and trust!!!



    One member of your team must levitate! Remember nothing is impossible. Build a freestanding structure with the three planks provided. One team member must levitate in the centre higher than the bases.


    Rescue Raft

    Use the equipment provided to build a land raft and effect a daring rescue to recover a stranded member of your team and bring them back to safety! Fall off the raft and you'll have to start again!


    Spiders Web

    Your entire team needs to pass through the spiders web. Start on the downhill side. If the web is touched the group must start again. Once half of your team are through they are safe even if the web is touched.



    Cross the minefield without touching the floor! Sounds simple, but fall off the planks, touch the floor or drop a plank and the entire team must start again. Think smart and ensure you carry all your planks to the end of the Minefield.


    Fuel Rods

    Defuse the radioactive fuel rods by lowering them into the safety pipes. The entire team must be on the safety bases and no-one can touch the rods. Logic, communication, delegation and team work are the only ways to avoid radiation poisoning.


    Lego Communication

    Split your team in two and take a bunker each. Replicate the Lego pattern exactly using the radios to communicate. Boards must match precisely to earn your clue.



    Even the slightest movement could be deadly. Balance the platform for 10 seconds without using the back three planks or the middle three.


    Towers of Hanoi

    Restack the tyres on the far post. Bigger numbers cannot stack on smaller numbers. Only one tyre can be touched at a time. Breach the rules and start all over again.



    All you have to do is transport the ball into the hole. But you cannot touch the ball, move with the ball and the ball always has to have forwards momentum. The ultimate test in speed and collaboration!