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Ski or Snowboard Gift Voucher

A fun introduction to skiing or snowboarding for complete beginners!

What is this voucher for?

This voucher is for our Try skiing or Try Snowboarding session. An hour and a half skiing or snowboarding taster session suitable for anyone over eight! Snowboarders must also be at least 120cm tall with size 2 feet or bigger (adult uk sizing). Perfect for anyone who is thinking about learning to ski or just wants to give it a try.

How do I book?

You will receive a set of unique voucher codes which can be used to book on our website. You can select the date and time that suits you. Vouchers are valid for 18 months. All you have to do is decide if you want to ski or snowboard!

How do the sessions work?

You will be in the safe hands of our experienced and qualified instructors on our gently sloping beginner area. With at least an hour on the slope you'll get used to wearing snowsport kit and play some fun games and mini challenges out on the slope.
A great taster experience and an ideal first step for anyone thinking about booking onto our more structured snowsport lessons.

The hour and a half session includes your kit up time. Your friendly instructor will explain all the equipment, ensure it all fits correctly and go through a safety briefing.

Can I give this voucher as a gift?

Absolutely! Personlise your voucher with your recipient's name and a personal message. Your confirmation email will include a link to your full colour, personalised gift voucher that you can print off immediately.

You can use Tobogganing vouchers against Individual Spaces.

If your voucher is for Tobogganing, chips and a drink, please double-check the Alpine Lounge Opening times.

If the café is not available for your Toboggan session, you will be issued a voucher that can be redeemed on a future visit for chips and a drink. 

If you would rather use Toboggan vouchers towards an Exclusive Private Group session, you may use the monetary value of your voucher towards any activity. Simply enter your voucher codes during checkout and your basket total will be discounted by the amount originally paid for your voucher(s). 

Please note, Toboggan vouchers are not valid on Twilight Tobogganing. 

No. We cannot allow teaching on our slope by anyone other than our qualified, employed and insured instructors. We will ask your whole party to leave the slope if seen to be teaching someone who cannot ski or snowboard.

Equipment hire is always included in the cost and we would always recommend using our skis and boards. However, if you are using our slope as a recreational skier or snowboard, you are welcome to bring your own boots, helmets and pads. There is no discount available for bringing your equipment. 

Mendip cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused by our slope. 

We run lessons throughout the week at evenings, weekends and in the daytime. We are constantly reviewing the demand and will always try and flex our schedule to get certain levels in if required.

You have full control over booking your lessons with our online booking system. Click here to view availability and book online.

Feel free to have a scroll through our calendar before purchasing a snowsport course, we are sure there will be lessons at times that suit you, whatever your schedule!

Something comfy! You definitely don't need anything special and we strongly advise against salopettes and proper ski jackets! A pair of joggers or leggings are ideal as they give you plenty of movement (avoid jeans whenever possible) and loose layers that will keep you warm but that you can easily remove if you start getting warm. If it's raining, we'll still go ahead with lessons so a set of waterproofs is always a good idea.

As long as you are warm and comfortable, have your legs and arms covered, and you have a pair of gloves, you are good to go!

All of our activities, sessions and lessons do need to be booked in advance. Everything can be booked online, via our website. 

Click here to view our snowsport selection and book online. 

Click here to read more about our snowsport courses.

All of our snowsport lesson times include kit up and de-kit so you just need to arrive 5 - 10 minutes before your session time to check in and complete some paperwork.

It is really tricky to tell what level lesson would be suitable for you if you have previous experience as it will be different for everyone. We would recommend booking a private lesson so our instructors can coach and advise which level of group lesson is best for you.

Our group ski and snowboard lessons will only ever have a maximum of 8 people per instructor.

Private lessons can have up to 8 people (age 8+). 

Minis group lessons will have a maximum of 4 people per instructor. Minis private lessons are for just one person (ages 5 - 8). 

All slope users must wear a helmet whilst on the slope. We always include helmet hire at no additional charge. Gloves must be worn whilst on the slope, please bring these with you or they are available for purchase onsite.

The actual content of each session can be found by clicking on the individual sessions on our activity planner. 

In terms of the timings of each session, here is a rough breakdown...

-You are asked to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of your session so that you can fill in any relevant paperwork, make sure you are wearing the correct clothing, and head into the kit room ready for the instructor.

-Kitting up and de-kitting time is included in the lesson as it is an important part of the learning process. You will be taught how to kit yourselves up safely, and how to remove your kit without damaging it. That whole process gets quicker as you progress through the course, but it can still take up to 45 minutes depending on your group.,

-A debrief is also included in the lesson time, where the instructor will advise the group on what lesson they should book next.

-Based on all of this, we expect participants to have between 75-90 minutes on the slope for our 2 hour sessions, and between 45-60 minutes for our 1.5 hour group sessions. 

Gift Vouchers are valid for 18 months unless specifically stated.

To check the expiry date of your Voucher visit our Voucher Check Website Simply enter the Voucher and Security codes to find the value, title and expiry of your voucher. 

Yes, when you purchase a Voucher online we email you a link instantly for your to print your Personalised Gift Voucher.

Recreational slope pass vouchers are for those who can already competently ski or snowboard. This article will walk you through using the voucher to book a session!  

You can view all the recreational-level session options for skiing by clicking here, or for snowboarding by clicking here.

Your voucher will apply to one of the "2hr Morning/Lunchtime/Afternoon Recreational Ski" or "2hr Morning/Lunchtime/Afternoon Recreational Snowboard" sessions. This is what they will look like:

These sessions will vary in price between peak and off-peak slots, but your voucher can be used for either type. 

Scroll through the available sessions and find a time and date that suits you. Click on the session for a pop-up box showing session details and FAQ's. 

Select the total number of adult and/or child participants (under 18's will count as "children") and click "Add" to put the slots into your basket. Please note that adult and child slots will need to be added to your basket separately, but will all be booked in as one group. 

You can then click on your basket at the top right of the page - look for this icon: 

Then proceed to checkout.

If you already have an account with us you can sign in, or if not, create an account.

Once you are signed in, you will be directed to the review page of your booking, where you can enter your voucher codes (as shown in the red box below).

You'll need to enter the voucher code and security code into the boxes, and then click "Redeem". There will be a pop-up window confirming that the voucher has discounted the session amount. 

Close the popup window. If you have more than one voucher and have added multiple slots to your basket, you can now repeat the process with the other codes. 

Scroll down and continue to Checkout. You will be asked for some more information - complete the participant name and (if required) enter the age. 

As you continue through the check out process, you will have a chance to read through our T&C's. 

If you have additional items in your basket that are not covered by your vouchers, you will then be prompted for card details to pay for these. 

If there is no value left to pay, your transaction will be complete! You'll receive a confirmation email from us which contains all the details of your booking. These often go into junk mail folders, so please check there if you can't find it. 

You can also view your booking by logging into your account.

Your voucher has unique Voucher and Security codes, which are both required to book activities online. 

Go through the Online Booking process as usual, and during checkout you will reach a 'Review' page where you redeem your voucher/s. Enter the Voucher and Security codes. If your voucher is for multiple people, you can select how many uses you would like to redeem from it at this point. 

Continue through the checkout process and complete your booking.  You'll then receive a booking confirmation email. This may go into your junk mail folder so please check there if you don't see it in your Inbox!

Visit for more info about your voucher and links to book. can use the digital copy of your Voucher without needing to print it out - you just need your unique Voucher and Security codes to book.

If you have a Learn to Ski or Learn to Snowboard course voucher, this article will walk you through using it to book your first lesson and begin your journey to becoming a skier or snowboarder!

This article will use the example of skiing but the process is exactly the same for snowboarding, just look for Try Snowboarding sessions instead of Try Skiing.  

Your voucher should look something like this: 

You are going to use the codes outlined in the red box to book your lessons. 

To begin with, you are only going to book your Try Skiing lesson. To do this, click here to view available ski sessions.

Click here to view available snowboard sessions.   

Scroll through the lessons available and select the "Try Skiing" lesson on a time and date that suits you.  

Add the session to your basket and proceed to checkout. 

If you already have an account with us, sign in and if not create an account.

Once you are signed in, you will be directed to the review page of your booking. 

As you are booking a Try Skiing lesson, you will need the corresponding voucher code. 

Enter your unique codes into the boxes and select 1 from the number of uses drop down menu. 

Once you click Apply Voucher, the system will deduct the value off of your basket. 

Close the popup window. If you have more than one course voucher and have added multiple spaces to your basket, you can now repeat the process with the other codes. 

Once you are finished adding voucher codes, click Complete.

To complete you booking, you will be asked to add the participant name and, if required, enter the age. 

If you have additional items in your basket that are not covered by your vouchers, you will then be prompted for card details to pay for these. 

If there is no value left to pay, your transaction will be complete. You'll receive a confirmation email from us which has all the details of your booking. (Our confirmation emails can sometimes go into junk/spam folders). 

You can also view your booking by logging into your account. 

Once you have completed your Try Skiing lesson, you can book your 1 star ski lesson by following the same process and using your 1 star voucher and security codes. 

Please do not book lessons until you have been signed off by an instructor as ready to progress to a later star level. 

If you cannot, or do not want to, use your gift voucher for the activity it was originally intended for, you can use it against any of our activities. 

This can only be done for the value that the voucher was purchased for, so if it was a voucher purchased during a promotional offer, you will get the amount that was paid off an activity session. 

To use your voucher, add the activity session to your basket. When you get to the review page of the booking, enter your voucher codes. 

If the voucher is valid but is was not intended for the activity that is in your basket, you will receive a warning message asking you if you wish to proceed and telling you how much the voucher will discount off your basket. 

If you click "Redeem voucher", the value will come off your basket total. 

Please Note: Vouchers can only be used once if using against something they are not intended for. If your basket total is less than the amount paid for a voucher, you will lose any remaining credit. If your voucher included 'chips and a drink', the amount paid for this upgrade will be used against your basket total in lieu of the chips and drink element.

Vouchers cannot be used against food, drink or retail onsite. 

We have a couple of different types of Frisbee Golf Vouchers. 

If your Gift Voucher looks like this: 

(1) Add the number of children and adults you require to your basket and proceed to check out. 

(2) When you are ready, click "Book now" and proceed to check out. 

(3) After you have logged in, or created an account, you will get to a "Review" page of your booking. At this point input the unique voucher and security codes taken from your voucher. 

(4) Enter your unique voucher and security codes into the boxes and select the number of uses you wish to apply from the drop down menu. 

(5) Click "Apply Voucher".  The voucher will then discount the value of your basket, bringing it down to £0. 

(6) Click Complete to finalise your booking. 

If your Voucher looks like this, or a Half-Price Frisbee Golf Voucher or a Voucher that does not contain any unique codes 

..there is no need to book in advance. These vouchers cannot be used to book online so simply turn up on the day with your Voucher and our friendly Check-in Team will be able to take any balance payment and get you out onto the course. 

If you have a Frisbee Golf/Disc Golf voucher that does not contain any codes, or is for a half price session, this cannot be used to book online. 

Frisbee Disc hire is included however we do take a £5 deposit per disc which is fully refundable on its return. Frisbee Gold takes approximately 2 hours to play in full and must be completed before the Mendip Activity Centre closes. 

Click here to login to your Mendip online account and view Vouchers, booking files or any sessions booked online.   

To view Vouchers, select the Vouchers tab. Your Vouchers will be listed along with expiry date/s and a link to print. You may also use this section to edit or amend any personalised messages displayed on your voucher. 

Some of our vouchers can be used for more than one person at a time, or for the same person across multiple activities.

If your voucher is for multiple uses, it is only valid on Individual Spaces and not Exclusive Private Group activities. 

Select your activities and the number of people 

These vouchers have multiple uses attached to them. They can be used by a group of people for 1 use, or by 1 person for multiple uses. You voucher will look similar to this. It will have a unique voucher and security code in the bottom left hand corner.

Family Activity Gift Vouchers are only valid for the 1.5 hour 'Try' activity sessions. Select your desired 'Try' activity and date from the selection menu. You will be presented with a list of sessions that will either have 'xx Individual Spaces available' or 'Exclusively Private Group' available (££)'. To use your voucher, you will need to select Individual Spaces.

Once you have found your session, select the number of individual participants you are booking for and add them to your basket.

You will then receive a notification informing you of the minimum age and the maximum number of participants per session. You can then add the spaces to your cart. Your cart will then appear at the side of the screen where you can either close it and add more or continue to checkout.

After the sessions have been added to your basket, you will be asked to either sign in or create an account and will then be taken to the review page. Here you will need to enter your unique voucher and security codes into the designated boxes and select the number of uses that you want to apply. For example, if you are booking for 4 people, select 4 uses.

Once redeemed, a pop up will show that the voucher has been used and the total discount will appear at the bottom of the screen. 

Scroll to bottom of the screen to continue the checkout process. On the next page you will be asked for the names and ages (if under 18) of the participants. Enter the information and click continue. 

Once you have reviewed our terms and conditions, click 'agree' to fully confirm your booking.

Your booking is then confirmed and booking reference number provided. This will also be sent your confirmation email. Keep an eye on your junk e-mail folder as occasionally these emails end up there.


No, you can purchase as many vouchers as you would like! Some of the options only have limited numbers available so be quick!